Elegant Mink Brown Eyes for Work

Hello! Thank you so much for following my blog and leaving me comments :)) Your support really keeps me motivated here. Since I started working, it's got hard to update my blog..but I declare that I would definitely entry new post every weekend (Friday or Saturday): at least 1 or 2 posts. So please check here once a week for updates! I'd really appreciate that :D
Today I did a makeup that I wore yesterday for work. People around me gave me many compliments about this which looks attractive and makes them wanna talk to you.. :) this is the look.

In an official/formal scene like when you're at work, ceremony, and meeting, being without fake lashes should be good looking for people around you. So I don't (cannot) wear lashes during weekdays unfortunately ('cause nobody in my office wears them just because it looks too fancy or casual with suits/formal wear.). Then, I didn't use lashes this time too, though it's my day off :D
(This actually looks a bit more dark brown exactly like the 1st picture on the top of here.)

If you're interested how I did this, please keep reading through! :D
It's easy!

Since I want to make it matt look this time, we're gonna use two tones mixed from the right side of PALGANTONG eyecolor pallet. Take some of it on your first finger and apply all over the lid.

*On the pencil brush, take camel by KATE to apply into the crease. From the inner corner to the middle of your crease until well colored. Substitute "Goldmine" or "Gorgeous Gold" by MAC.

*Go to Deep Bronze by NYX on the same brush and apply around the outer corner of the crease  twirling the brush round. Blend it out well. Substitute Woodwinked by MAC. 

*On the angle brush, take dark brown by KATE all over the lid. Substitute Bronze in BESTSELLERS by MAC.

*Grab Pearl brown eyeliner by VIVO and line on the end of the lid. Shape a triangle like the picture. And then smudge out with the angle brush. Now your eyes look even deeper.

* Now take Mink Brown by NYX on the wide fluffy brush and apply this under the browbone as a highlight.
This really matches this dark brown look. Substitute Chamomile by MAC.

*Almost donnnne :D Take dark brown gel eyeliner by KATE on a small liquid liner brush and fill in the water line.

*Add mascara and you're done!
(If you have some more time, keep reading this a bit bit more :))
By the way, I started using this lipstick last two days. It's BABY LIPS by MAYBELLINE NY. This makes your lips prrreeetty soft look and has SPF 20. Since I actually don't like using lip gloss even if I'm at work because I'm too lazy to remakeup every time it gets off, lipsticks with UV protection is my favorite items.
Finding this at a drugstore near my house, I thought I'd try it out!. This is pretty good. It DOES moiturize my lips with creamy pink coating. I like it! 

Thanks so mcuh for reading til here!


  1. Great make up! Maybe I'll try it:)


  2. Hey Meg

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loving the new look. I love how you do a step by step guide of how you did it. I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to doing my eye makeup, but having something like this to follow, I might just give it a go :)

    I'll add your blog to my blog links list.

    I know what you mean about updating, its hard to find time some weeks. I've got plenty of post coming up, so check me out again soon.

    Love Jo


  3. Love the look! You're very pretty =) Thanks for checking out my blog! your blog is great! =)


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