White Lid Autumn Eyes! Chillin' out!

Today I had to go to UNIQLO with my sister, Haruka, to get some for Fall, I did this look for that.

3 kinds of brown eyeshadow on the crease and put only white on the lid. And to highlight eyes, Nude color lips and not loud cloth are wanted (nude or camel also better)!
This makeup doesn't really take you much time and so easy that you'd like it for this season.

Please keep reading<3

*After applying any eyeshadow base you have, take Champagne by NYX on the pencil brush and go into the crease. Place this around the inner corner of your crease.

*On the same brush, take L'OREAL dark gold beige e/s under ivory color on the pallet. Apply this onto the middle of your crease and blend out well for next color.

*Apply reddish light brown to the outer corner of the crease. Use wide fluffy brush (clean one) to fix harsh line if there is.
Also apply this under lower lash line. Intensify it especially the outer corner of your eyes. This fades out near the inner corner.

*Line right above the upper lash line with white pencil by VIVO.

*Take pearl brown also by VIVO to line both above the white line and underneath lower lash line.

*Smudge the brown with the angle brush. Under lower lash line, make sure to make it look dark and blend it up with reddish brown applied earlier.

*Add mascara. I would recommend you to use Long gel mascara by KATE. Since it is totally gel, liquid type, it NEVER makes any clump on your lashes. Lash comb is very fine and lengthens your lash so well! So even if you applied it too much, you wouldn't get any mass :D
Place the lash comb slantingly and move it outward so that your eyelashes at the outer corner look even longer as if you are wearing fake ones.

Look I didn't get any clump on my eyelashes from mascara even though I applied it a lot to make it longer.
I don't think I'd use any other mascara than this anymore!

*Take Barely there e/s by NYX and the wide fluffy brush to put on brow bones and the inner corner.
and You're done!

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  1. looks really pretty :)
    xoxo Elena

  2. i love this look its so pretty and blended well. its so natural looking. the colours are gorgeous!


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