Japanese Dish for dinner-Eggplant in Perilla Sauce

Eggplant in Perilla Sauce is one of my favorite dish that my mother makes. I am sure you all would like it once you taste it.. :) Though my bf who is German tried it for the first time, he liked it!
This is so easy to cook that you can try it right nowwww. Here's the recipe..

  6 eggplants 1/2 cut (3 for 1 serving)
1/2 cup of Japanese White Soup Stock
1/4-1/3 cup of Green Perilla dressing.
1/3 cup of water to dilute
Salad oil to fry eggplant

Heat salad oil in a deep pot on high heat. Put 5 or 6 eggplants at once into the pot until softened and repeat this for all eggplants. Bring them out of pot and put them on kitchen paper to let the excess oil soak in the paper for seconds.
Prepare pure perilla dressing and Japanese white soup stock to mix up. It comes to taste very thick and strong so pour some water in order to dilute this soup. But make sure to keep them strong taste for eggplants.
Put eggplants into this soup right after putting them on kitchen paper. Leave them in the soup. Continue all these steps: fry, put them on kitchen paper, and soak them in the soup. 
Ta-da! You're done. Serve immediately. Either put 3 of them on a small dish or 1 big dish all together. Please try this out.



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