The day I become more girl!!

Today was the day I become more girl!! With Can-Be-Boyish Look with Feminine Eyes (, I used Honey Pump Gloss Neo by Majolica Majorca.

MAJOLICA MAJORCA usually has good products that bring out girls' original beauty, femininity like the tender mellow atmosphere women have, and make her look kissable. Check their website.. :)
For eyeshadow, I did Can-Be-Boyish Look with Feminine Eyes (5 posts before).After finishing eyes, put concealer which is for both on skin and on lips by PALGANTONG.
*Apply the middle color onto your lips thinly with your finger. Adjust the color to your skin tone with foundation puff or other fluffy sponge.

*Ok, then take Honey Pump Gloss Neo PK143 all over the lips. Apply it a bit more at the bottom of your lower lip, which is gonna look the gel can drop off xD.

*And then apply any kind of Pink rose color on your cheek.
This look would make "him" wanna hug you♥♥♥♥♥

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