Amazing Present from My Guy, Jan!

As his vacation started in Tokyo on 16th Sep, Jan, my boyfriend, gave me such a wonderful gift from Frankfurt.

Oh my godddd!!!!!!! ..........
This totally got me speechless for a while because it says HOT DIAMOND!!!!
I screamed and kept asking him "ARE YOU SUREEEEEE????????" lol

Yes, this is very very very first diamond in my life!
And it's in a tiny cute box made of wood.
He's been giving me so many things as surprise present, including tickets for Germany. But this time was so insane! xD I thought this is an ultimate one O////O*
To be honest, these things sometimes make me wonder what I AM giving him. I know it's not a present or stuff that he wants or would be happy with if he got. But presenting is also important/significant item to show her/his feeling to the other. And right now I don't have work that I get paid I always end up making him paying for every meal at a restaurant. ....It's like I'm totally depending on him. Am I wrong?

He loves me and so do I.
But I haven't done anything yet for him. I just feel this. It's getting hard for me to take his present lately because of it. Is this ok thing? or What should I do??


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