What's Good For Melasma

I got asked "what kind of makeup is good for skin with melasma?" Then I started to see what melasma is like and those who have it on Yahoo Images..
To cure or erase these big blemishes costs you awful money and no many people can easily take surgery for it.
As I looked it up on the Intn, it says melasma emerges especially on Asian skin, though Caucasian people have sometimes.
Hmm..as far as I know they say Oriental beauty cosmetics are seemed to be superior to Western ones in the world.
To keep our Asian skin which is very fine and moisturized, oriental products match us better than Western ones.
People around me always say their skin got rought and too dry from Western products when they tried. ..I've never found products from Western ones either..haha I think their skin is stronger than Asian skin, which makes me jealous!
Well then, these are whata I've found today for people with melasma skin.

①Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer by MAC-7 g / 0.24 US OZ US$16.50
--- This provides a full coverage that lasts very long and looks natural and works for all skin blemishes. Water-resistant. It is smooth and creamy. I would really recommend this. [!] if you apply this under your eyes, it could look cakey or fine lines would show up. So for your eye circle, lighter concealer would be better [!]

②Stutio Sculpt Concealer 5.5 g /0.19 US OZ US$16.50
---This is a creamy concealer for all size of blemishes. It's needed to be blended enough on your skin with brush and it does help you cover any spot. It feels very light on your skin while giving a full coverage.
[!] This doesn't last as long as Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer does. So it may be good for when you don't need to wear makeup for super long [!]

③Bare Escentuals® Multi-Tasking Minerals SPF 20 $18.00
---This is a powder concealer which also can be used for eyeshadow base. You can apply this directly on blemishes, brown or red spots and other parts of skin imporfections. It stays on your skin well and givis a full coverage for sure. Just touch up the areas on your face you want to cover, apply foundation, and you are done. This has many reviews that recommend you to use.

④(skin care item) VITABONA MELASMA MILK 40ml $189.00 (I know it's expensive. just for telling you)
---this is a white cream lotion to apply directly on blemshes, dark circles and skin imperfections. It prevents melanin from creating new blemishes and keeps your skin healthy and look well rested. Its effect doesn't show up quickly but it does help you to make your skin brighter by restaining re-emergence of melanin and stain.

When you have questions and want me to find out, ask anytime! I'll always do my best for you.
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