Miranda Kerr Inspired Look

Finding a picture of Miranda Kerr in GOSSIPS magazine inclined me to try her makeup!
It is a bit hard to see she's using some of orange /bronze color eyeshadow on her crease in this photo, but I figured out there is, and maybe under lash line too.

After putting silver on the lid, eyes encircled with black eyeliner and apply some shiny white color to accentuate the black.

Again, I really cannot do exactly the same look (because I'm Asian) as she does but this is what I did.
Since my face bone structure is way flatter than hers (lol) it's easier for you to see how I applied eye shadows and stuff.

*Apply e/s base all over your lid. A bit light color could be better than thick nude color.
* Go to Champagne color by NYX's trio e/s to apply from the outside of your crease to the inner corner. Make sure to wing out the color til under your brow bone.
* In the same pallet, take Root Beer to apply above your lid to make it look deep and shadow at the bottom of Champagne.
* Go to Metallic Shadow pallet by BYS and take Silver all over your lid. and then take metallic black from the same pallet on the both side of your lid. Leave a space of the middle of your lid.
* Take metallic white from the same pallet and put it on the middle of your lid. Now see this highlights black and makes your eyes more shiny.

* Grab Black liquid eyeliner by FASIO. Encircle your entire eyes.

* Go back to Metallic black e/s by BYS on an angle brush to smudge out the harsh line we just applied on your lid. put this black from the edge of your lid and bring it to the middle of your lid. And then do the same on your under lash line. We don't want to make black smoky eyes this time, so just make the black line smudgy.

* Go back again to Metallic White one to apply to the middle of your lash line like you did on your upper lids.

* Take Barely There e/s by NYX (the same e/s pallet has Root Beer and Champagne) to apply onto the brow bone and bring it all the way to the inner corner.

* Add mascare and it's done! No need to use fake lashes.



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