Katy Perry inspired look from ELLE Girl Cover

Finding an ELLE girl magazine, it immediately made me want to do makeup from some of models in there. But who's the hottest girl these days? maybe the cover girl, Katy Perry♥

And when I opened the cover, it was all about her! They made it interviews of her only for this elle girl Japan. She came here for promotion of Teenage Dream.
In elle girl, she might've enjoyed shopping over here, besides shooting the interview about her songs, private life, her BF, etc.

This time, I did a makeup inspired by this picture of her.
For the eyeshadow, I used only basic color like nude and gold colors to highlight shiny blue lines on the lids and lashes.
Though she uses gold eyeliner on her water line, I didn't have one and substituted black eyeliner and apply gold eyeshadow under lash line.

Let's go to its tutorials♥

*Apply e/s (eyeshadow) base all over the lid, which is from Gradical eyes pallet by KATE in a picture.
*Take gold/beige by VISEE to apply from the outside of the crease to the middle. Do not place it on the lid.
*Apply bronze to the outside of the crease moving the pencil brush back and forth, while making a circle. And blend it up toward the middle of your crease. Do not apply it directly on the middle of it. Now it looks shady and deeper above your lid.
*Take this shimmery creamy gold all over the lid. This makes your eyes a bit brighter and look active.
*Put fake lashes on. Volumy lases especially around the end of it preferred.

 *Apply liquid black eyeliner by FASIO right above the lashes. Make the line as THIN as possible.
 *Above the black line, put shiny blue one on. Enjoy making angles like Kety does.

*Fill in the lid with the blue.

*Fun time! Grab the darkest blue of Glitter eye creame by BYS on the liner brush. Apply it onto the middle of the lid. Look gets so much changed with this! Fabulous!
* Take black e/l pencil by KATE to fill in both upper and down water lines.
*Apply this lighter sheer gold widely under lashline.
*And the put the brownish gold on the top of the light gold.
*To make eyes a little more attractive look, apply this dark brown with gold sparkles underneath lashline.

*Take brilliant gold pigment from Glitter cream pallet by NYX to place on the outer corner of the eye. ------------------>
*Add mascara, and apply peach white color by KATE onto the brow bone and the inner corner as a highlight. You're done!
Thank you so much for spending your time to read this!
I was actually filming this tutorial for Youtube, but the latter part of the video was (don't know why!) depeted or not filmed!! :'(
Then I decided to write down all this here. Hope you like it and try it out♥


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