Surprise Morning Breakfast

At 6:20am. Bright sunlight suddenly flooded my room and my sister came in.

"wake up. wake up! I made your breakfast!"

she kept saying this jumping on my bed lol I didn't know what was going on 'cause I was still half asleep in my comfortable bed while she was dancing by my side.

The next moment she grabbed and pulled my hand to get me up and took me to the kitchen.

She made hamburg from last night's leftover, scrambled egg with bacon and sliced cabbage,  torn lettuce, and some soup.
it's so sweet isn't it?? :D
My mom looked so happy when she started to have them.

My sister's been actually so wild lately and she sometimes doesn't come back home for 2 days without telling us and does argue with my mom so badly..
She has seemed to be totally ruined and changed since she came to Tokyo. Before this mess happened, she used to love study and to take tests to get high score in her grade. She wouldn't go out and stay home to study all day. They said she could even go to the highest level high school there. But now, she took a couple of high school entry exams and all failed, though she managed to enter a private school which tuition is awfully expensive, she quit the school in June.
This monrning was such a pretty surprise for us. It even made me think that all the troubles might be just nightmare because there is she who we used to see before.

Thanks so much for such a sweet morning, girl!


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