Actual 1st post

Since I've copied my old posts from other blog to here, this is actually 1st entry here. I'm not sure how this works but I will definitely keep posting anything and everything here honestly. Hopefully it wouldn't be boring for you all.

Recently I've been working on making videos on Youtube to show how I do makeup. This is just one of my ways that I've been scratching to become a famous person in this world and I am really dedicated into.
My dream is to become a famous model who is successful in her work... I wouldn't care if people ever think it's too fabulous or laugh at it 'cause I'm serious. Honestly I still don't know what and how to do for this but I am really scratching stuff lately.

Life is just once. You can never try and enjoy it twice..right?

that's why I REALLY REALLY want to enjoy my life without any regret.
Get out of this small island, Japan, and see how big the world is.
Why not?

I want to see as many countries as possible while I'm here.
and meet people who I've never known yet, and feel how fun my life can be.
Life is just once. really.
You cannot compromise for anything for your dream; you have to keep running for it if you wanna jump in the sky.

I will keep my foot steps from today.
Thank you so much for visiting my page :)
Let's enjoy a journey


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