Alicia Keys Inspired Look

This time I did this makeup inspired by Alicia Keys in Gossips magazine.
The before night I did this, my mom braided all my hair so it got all curly and so volumy! Then I started thinking of what kind of makeup would suit this hair..
Looking through the magazine, I found her with sharp brown eyes with curly hair! Ok, this is it!

Make a base color before applying brown eyeshadows that help you create gradation of several brown e/s. So to make the base, I used Nude eyes e/s pallet by VISEE color is N-3 of the lightest beige all over my lid.

And then take trio e/s by NYX and go champagne color from the inter corner to the middle of my crease.

Then go back to VISEE 2nd color of N-3 bronze color to apply to the center of my crease and wing it out. 

Take Gradical eyes pallet by KATE color is BR-2 and apply the darkest orange to the out cornor of my crease and blend it out.

Now go back to VISEE and take the dark brown above your lid.
And go to the same kind of pallet by KATE and take OR-1 of orangish brown on my crease to make it looking a bit more orange. You don't have to blend it out. Just put the color right above your lid.
Mix shiny yellow with light brown of Party Til Sunrise by BYS and apply to your entire lid.
Put lashes on and take liquid eyeliner by FASIO from the inter corner to the edge of your lid. Make it wider when you pass the middle of your lid like the 2nd picture.
And enjoy making angles! Don't be hesitant, just wing it up.

Apply Gray eyebrow/eyeliner pencil underneath the black line on your water line and smudge out. and take brown eyeshadow RIGHT under the gray, and also put orange e/s on the brown you just applied. Now you make a gradation which goes from black to orange.
Add mascara and it's done!

Please try this! it's so easy :)
Thank you so much for visiting here.



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