NYX & BYS Warm Eyes Look For Fall

Today it got amazingly cold in Tokyo. It'd even make you feel Fall slips away and Winter suddenly comes or something.... As for me, it made me want to do makeup with very warm colors because it's too chilly outside. (http://www.youtube.com/user/Meggyu)
So this time, eyeshadow you need to prepare are only by NYX and BYS, which is gonna be easy and good looking for this chilly season. You don't want to take time for makeup even though it's cold out there, do you? :)
Then let's get started=33

*Grab champagne by NYX on a pencil brush to apply from the inner corner of the crease to the middle. Make sure not to let it go into the lid. Blend it out well.

*Take grayish pink of horizon e/s by BYS on the same brush and put it onto the middle of the crease. This color can be obscure, so keep adding it til you can see the pink well. Bring it into the outside of the crease white blending out.

*Take metallic red from Miami Beats by BYS on the pencil brush and place it on the outside of the crease making a circle and blending up. it's gonna merge into the pink on the middle. Make sure there's a gradation of red and pink on your crease.

*Add this Jazzy Bronze by NYX to the bottom of the red above. It looks a bit deeper now.
Putting this jazzy bronze on, it doesn't show red red color anymore and the whole look on your crease settled.

*Now go to metallic dark brown from Party Til Sunrise by BYS on an angle brush. Apply from the end of the lid and bring it toward the inner corner. As you approach it, take metallic red again and place it on the inner corner.

*Put any fake lash you have on.
*Take these 3 colors again to apply underneath lash line.

*Apply dark brown gel eyeliner by KATE (any dark brown liner works unless it's pencil type.) above lashes. Blend/Smudge it out with an angle brush then.

*Line underneath lash line with pearl brown (also dark brown) by VIVO. And then smudge this out on the top of 3 colors (champagne, grayish pink, and metallic red under lash line) with the angle brush. And then fill in water lines with it.
*Add mascara. Navy color preferred. Navy mascara does make your eyes bigger than black one does. As you may know, if you have small eyes, black mascara makes eyes look rather even smaller.

*Go back to horizon pallet and take peach white to apply onto the brow bone and the inner corner. You're done!

Thank you so much for reading this!


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