Bronze Smoky Sharp Eyes Inspired by the Sep VOGUE

Today I did this Bronze Smoky Sharp Look from the September issue of VOGUE.
The model who I got inspired by was her. There was no her name on it though.

And this is what I did today which uploaded on Youtube.

It's because I'm a 100% Asian girl, to make a real shadow created right under browbones and sexyness comes from Caucasian people is totally impossible. BUT I believe I can try to make it and get close to the look with my makeup skills.
 *1st thing you wanna do is of course apply e/s base which is gonna be Gradical eyes by KATE GD-1. Apply only the base one all over your lid.
 *Then go to the lightest beige color of Nude eyes by VISEE onto your entire lid also.
 *Now take Champagne color of Trio e/s pallet by NYX to apply from the outside of your crease to the middle of it. When put champagne color outward, wing it out like making an oval angle under your browbone.
 *Go back to VISEE and take bronze color to place from the intercorner to the middle of your crease, and then blend it out. This is gonna merge into champagne on the middle. And take the darkest brown on the pallet to put on your crease: right between the lid and 2 colors above.
 *In Party Til Sunrise e/s pallet by BYS, take the lightest shiny brown to apply onto your crease where you just placed the dark brown and blend it out gradually by turning your brush to the intercorner. Now you can see the color gradation on your lid.

 * In Rainbow gradation eyes by INTEGRATE, take the darkest brown at the bottom of the pallet on the angle brush. Apply it all over your lid thoroughly and change a brush into pencil brush or similar size of brush. Place it a bit above yoru lid and gently blend it out to make your eyes look even deeper.
*Mix brown and metallic black liquid eyeliver by FASIO together and apply from the intercorner to the end of your lid. Make it thicker when you reach to the end like when you make cat eyes. and then wing it up to make it angle. Use the same color to fill in the water line also.
 * In Party til Sunrise by BYS, take metallic black on the angle brush and apply underneath lashline.
 *Take the darkest brown of VISEE pallet to apply right under the black eyeshadow just we applied.
 *Again, put champagne color under brown and apply Barely there color by NYX to the browbone as a highlight. Bring berely there all the way to the intercorner.
 * Add mascara and it's done.
also watch this:
Bronze Smoky Sharp Eyes Inspired by VOGUE Sep-meggyupmode

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