Hawaiian Barbecue in Shibuya, Tokyo

Hello, last night I went to Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo with my mother. They have many delicious dishes. I was so happy that I could have my very first Loco Moco in my life at this restaurant. There are some staffs working here from Hawaii. I got to know the owner also from Hawaii when I first went there and found out he's sooo friendly to me as if we were old friends. his impression is great and food here is also great.
My mom had Loco Moco 'cause I recommended her to have it once! She liked it.
They have Regular and Medium side and this time she ordered regular one.
Mmm <3

And this is what I ordered. Garlic Shrimp Salad. there's salad at the bottom and small amount of rice that looked like jasmine rice with fried shrimp on the top..
I really like it. was sooo good!

If you have chance to go to Shibuya, please go. they are so friendly for 100% sure and all is yummy!


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