For my health

Hello everyone. Today I'm here to show you what I'm using to take care of my hair and my health. My hair is getting longer and easier to see how damaged it is so I've started to use a good rated treatment thing lately. it's actually bad to use these on TV commercial with famous actresses or idols talking about how good the stuff is, you know.

Those everyone-know items do have not any effective essence for your damaged hair but it's cheap hair care ingredients: the price of hair care items sold in drug store has the promotion charge for these actresses.

Stephen Knoll must be famous in the states but it's not super famous over here yet
More stores these days have Stephen Knoll though :D
So 1st one is from Stephen KNOLL NY. I always use it after taking a shower and the next morning when I comb my hair.

This makes your hair naturally shining and protect from being dry and keep smooth and silky.
As you know, since these items not on TV commercial often do have real hair care essence to repair your extremely damaged hair, instead of the charge.

This is real good anyway! Please try it out <3

This is made by collaborated Pantene and Wella to repair your damaged hair got last 2 years.

I got this just to try and see how it works but it doesn't work much as expected lol

hmm...I knew it :S

And.. they are all my supplement that I got in the states.

Daily Multi, Fish Oil, B-50, Acai, and Folic Acid, and others from DHC..

I've been feeling their effect these days. I can feel the difference of my body condition.
Gold soft capsules are fish oil,

Black ones are Acai,
White tablet is daily multi,
Dark orange tablet is B-50
Small soft capsule is folic acid.

I've had allergy with my nose sensitive to dust and pollen since I was a kid and when I take them my allergy gets relieved and stays calm till the end of the day.
All these here make a small part of my day!


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