New Face#1

Hello guys.

I've got new eye shadows and eye liner/eyebrow liner penciles yesterday.
eyeshasows are from BYS and liners are from VIVO (Made in Japan)

I've been using other BYS eyeshadows for both private and work scene, it really works for me.
As you can see on BYS palette, (sorry if it's hard to see) its pigment is sooooo shiny and minute! then it stays on your skin until the end and the shine lasts very well!!
I'm in so love with it. I'm thinking of making some videos of myself with makeup on Youtube so when it's finally on there I'll put it here :D

ok, this is Diamond Shadow - Miami Beats

Too bad!!! real one is more shiny then this picture
and this is Diamond Shadow-Party Til Sunrise (so cute name!)
this is normal eyeshadow-Spring Bouquet

this feels so fine when I put some on my lids!
my lovers!
White and Pearl Brown

These are soo great. I actually am using this Pearl Brown for my eye lids and it makes my eyes so matured and sexy deep look.

White one is my frist time to try. I'd use it for the inter corner of my eyes.

I will put some of my cosmetics here more later on.



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