Return Home for 2 Weeks

I returned home for exact 2 weeks in January. Surprising my mom that had no idea that I'd ever come back was a plan. :)
On 14th January, Frankfurt Airport, Jan in his uniform and I walked up to the check in counter and his friend who always checks me in took care of my baggage and seats. Yes seats. She gets me extra one or two seats next to mine and blocked so that I can lie down to rest ;) 
The flight was nice but I couldn't rest for even 30 minutes. 
After I went through the immigration, picked up my suitcase, said goodbye to Jan, I met one of my best friends, Mike that came all the way to Narita Airport to pick me up. 
He carried my suitcase and we got on the express train back to Tokyo. What a joy. We enjoyed our reunion and endless chat until he saw me off from a taxi right in front of the door of my mom's apartment. 
I tried to keep lifting the suitcase from the ground not to make the noise of rolling and unlock the door with my key as if either my brother or sister would do it and saw my mom was standing there with BIIGG opened eyes. 
She literally froze for a second recognizing that was really me (lol). I heard her taking a big inhale and not exhale (you know what it's like) and suddenly her eyes filled up with tears. 
"WHYYYYY" and cried on my shoulder, mixed with laugh. 
This is a beautiful thing. 
So this is how my stay started. 

I told only a couple of friends that I was coming back. I wanted my stay focused on my family in this short return. 
And as expected, jet lag didn't leave me soon enough and the sleeplessness turned a cold that kept me in bed for some days. YEP, I could say it ruined my stay. But it's ok. I got to eat what I had wanted so long, my mom's food a lot and rest as much as I wanted. 
Shogo came to see me. He bought a bunch of groceries on his way and cooked for me (for the first time!). A bowl of soup. I'm a happy happy older sister. 

I think this was on 25th. My mom took the afternoon off at work.  We met up at a station and headed to a building for driver's license renewal. 
After we received renewed ones (with somehow failed photos), we donated our blood (400ml each!) and went back home. 
On our way back we stopped by a Japanese restaurant and had dinner. This is what we had. 
SOooo beautiful. 

These family times were compacted in the end of my stay (because I was sick for a while). 
I saw my sister on 28th. 
My mom and I had lunch and went shopping with my grandma and drove straight to Haruka in the late afternoon. 
This couldn't have been better. Shogo joined us too. We went to a steak place and look what I had…
The meat was out of the plate (and didn't fit in the photo lol). 

There's nothing more precious than family love.  

On 29th, I made the cake to celebrate my mom's birthday which was actually on 1st February. 
I had to leave home on 30th so I planned it this way. 
Making a cake means, of course, all the steps from measuring all dry ingredients, beating egg and egg white separately, and whipping the cream to decorate it. 
All hours of work turn the happiness. I think it means more than buying something at a store. 

Time does fly. Too fast, sometimes. 

I realized again, how loved I am by all the people I love. I am so thankful with my life.


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