Take me back: Bostalsee 2 night-stay

I've still got a couple (maybe more) of posts that I haven't made yet and had been putting off to write. 
And this is the one that has been stuck in my head, wouldn't leave my mind and keep on telling me "make a post. make a post. make a post" and I was thinking back "I will. I will. I will."
You sure know what it feels like if you were like me: You know you will do it at some point (and you do it actually) but don't want to work on it right right away…and end up putting it off. 
I haven't made any solid resolutions for 2017 yet though, one of them would be reducing this problem: Putting off things that I know I can get done right away. 
So, okay, I've written enough blah blah. Now it's about the lake Jan and I visited back in Summer last year. 
Hope it sends you off a bit of warmth from the screen and helps you forget the coldness for some seconds.
In the end of August 2016, we drove for the direction France and stayed out at a hotel for 2 nights.
The Bostalsee is a lake of Nohfelden in the northern Saarland. With a water surface of 120 ha and a depth of up to 20 m. This lake is one of the largest leisure waters in the south-west of Germany. 

It took us about 2 hours to get there. Under the mid Summer sun with loud music in the car, we were ready to get tanned and play in the water. 
We parked the car at the parking area of the hotel See Rose which is run by a couple and entered the hotel. 
There she was. The wife of the owner friendly said hello to us and Jan told her our booking name "Winter".

Then she immediacy asked us back "Winter? With this weather?" We lolled. 

This is our room. A small but comfortable room.
Looks fun for a second but there's literally zero alcohol.

We didn't go to the lake this day. We knew it would've been awfully crowded by then and there would've been no place to get a spot. So we only did some shopping to get snack and drinks for the evening. 
For dinner, we went downstairs and had one at the hotel. 

Mmmmmm …now I'm hungry. 

This is one of best parts in Summer. Enjoy the sunset with a bottle of beer at a balcony. Nice chat and laugh never end.

The next day. The beautiful beautiful sun was up in the sky.
From the way the sunlight beams and hits your skin you can tell how hot it would be later.
I could spend a few hours having breakfast on this balcony.

As always......

We left the hotel around 10am to the lake. One rule: Be early. 
We had a bit of hard time looking for a parking place simply because it was almost FULL. Even before driving into a street that leads you to the lake, many cars started to line up to go forward to park. No doubt. We wondered if we should've left 1 hour earlier. 
The entrance fee for an adult was €2,50. They have everything. Good varieties of shops where you can buy snack and drink. Shower rooms and toilets. And clean! 

You can find many trash boxes on the beach. €2,50 is worth it for sure.

Once we entered the gate it wasn't hard at all to get a place on the beach. It seemed like a just good timing. It was about 10:30am. By 11:30am to noon, there was no free space on the beach to have own. You can barely walk among tents and bath towels. Again, be early. 
We stayed here until about 4pm. It was extremely hot and we were dehydrated. And swam enough.
We went back to the hotel, almost crawled back to the room, tanned and dehydrated, and I could say we drank about 2 litters of water in a second. lol 
Rested a bit and drove to an Italian restaurant for dinner. 

Pretty much of carbohydrate! But OKAY!

What a fun trip. I'd recommend you to come to Bostalsee if you had a chance to come to Germany in Summer. You won't regret. :)


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