25 February, 2014

Happiness of these days :) 幸せな毎日 :)

It's gotten a little late to tell you, but on 10th Feb. I passed practical exam and got driver's license! Woo too!!
So..the next day I jumped into the car that Jan always uses to practice and Jan joined me to watch my drive. 
The car from my driving school is a diesel and makes it easier to start up, for example, at a traffic signal.
But our car is a normal gasoline car which most people drive as well and is still a bit difficult for me to start because you need to get a feeling when you press crutch and gas at the same time with a right balance. The engine otherwise stalls, which happens to me sometime.. 
It's like horror when the engine stalls when you're still a fresh driver, are the first car of the line, and want to start up at the signal and it keeps going off. 
AGHHH. I know I can get used to it soon but the feeling in a rush..
I need to drive some more where there's less traffic.


18 February, 2014

25th Birthday! 25歳の誕生日!

On 13th, I turned 25 years old. 
I've lived a quarter of a century..lol I still remember when I first entered and came to work as a freshman, my coworkers were surprised how young I was as I was the youngest girl and said "new generation". lol 

As it was again a celebration, we came to Roter Hahn. Although we don't come here as much as we'd like to because it's a three-star restaurant and hotel, there's always a nice ambience and you can enjoy good German dish.
Every time the waiter comes to the table, he calls us by name, that makes us feel even more special. :) 
We came here also for 1st Wedding anniversary.

今回もお祝いということで来たレストランはRoter Hahn (読みはローターハーンで意味は赤い雄鶏(おんどり))。三ツ星ホテル・レストランなのでファミレス感覚で来れる場所ではありませんが、落ち着いてていい雰囲気です。いただける食事はドイツ料理。

16 February, 2014

Why I couldn't blog at all in January 一月ブログできなかった理由

I'm going to write down the reason I couldn't make any posts after Jan's birthday in January before I forget. 
On 22nd, January, he flew back home from Japan and we enjoyed nice dinner. I gave him a herbal cold medicine as he's gotten a sore throat from the flight. 
Next morning, though I told him that it could be worse if he'd go for shopping, he continued "I'm fine, we can go shopping" and we decided to go to a super market and finished some shopping.
Around 5pm, on the 23rd, he was sitting on the sofa and looked sickly dull. 
He went straight to bed without having dinner. 
That's why I told you.


09 February, 2014

Guacamole… I'm addicted グアカモーレにハマり中

I had an avocado, a half lemon, a small tomato, and a small onion in the fridge.
And I got a feeling that I am in need of making Guacamole. ..lol
I didn't have red onion and coriander on that day but it was nearly perfect. 
With the guacamole, I made hamburgers for dinner. Jan was happy, and so was I :D 
I used 100% ground beef, onion, and some spices for the patties. Ohh yum yum yum..
Since that day, I've gotten kind of addicted with making guacamole and made it again the next week.

これを挟んでその日の夕飯にハンバーガー作りましたー! じょんはハッピーでございます。

Recipe レシピ☟☟☟☟☟

Sushi party 寿司パーティ!

On 26th. January I made a Sushi party with Jan's family. So we all were 5 total and I made all these Sushi for that day. :) 
Yellow ones are thinly baked egg, like crepes. California rolls and egg rolls were my first time to make and they didn't turn out perfect but they added some colors to normal Nori ones nicely. 
It all tasted great. It's always so nice and rewarding to see people saying delicious to your food that took  so many hours to cook. 

どれも美味しすぎたー!♡ 作るのに何時間かかっても、おいしいって言われるとまたやろうなんて思える。

More Photos!☟☟☟☟☟

Driving school and tests! ドイツでの運転免許

Tomorrow will be my very last day at the driving school! 
Here is the driving school I've been going : Fahrschule Aktiv
On 16th, January I passed the theoretical exam and on 10th. February, tomorrow, I'll have a practical exam. 
I started going to this driving school on 2nd September and now it's almost over! I can't wait to drive around :D

自由に車運転するのが待ち遠しいー! :D