Sushi party 寿司パーティ!

On 26th. January I made a Sushi party with Jan's family. So we all were 5 total and I made all these Sushi for that day. :) 
Yellow ones are thinly baked egg, like crepes. California rolls and egg rolls were my first time to make and they didn't turn out perfect but they added some colors to normal Nori ones nicely. 
It all tasted great. It's always so nice and rewarding to see people saying delicious to your food that took  so many hours to cook. 

どれも美味しすぎたー!♡ 作るのに何時間かかっても、おいしいって言われるとまたやろうなんて思える。

More Photos!☟☟☟☟☟



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