Happiness of these days :) 幸せな毎日 :)

It's gotten a little late to tell you, but on 10th Feb. I passed practical exam and got driver's license! Woo too!!
So..the next day I jumped into the car that Jan always uses to practice and Jan joined me to watch my drive. 
The car from my driving school is a diesel and makes it easier to start up, for example, at a traffic signal.
But our car is a normal gasoline car which most people drive as well and is still a bit difficult for me to start because you need to get a feeling when you press crutch and gas at the same time with a right balance. The engine otherwise stalls, which happens to me sometime.. 
It's like horror when the engine stalls when you're still a fresh driver, are the first car of the line, and want to start up at the signal and it keeps going off. 
AGHHH. I know I can get used to it soon but the feeling in a rush..
I need to drive some more where there's less traffic.


On that day, on 10th, Jan flew back here from Japan and we went to an Italian restaurant near home for a small celebration :) 
As an appetizer, we had this Italian dish. 
Prosciutto & melon, seasoned-olive oil soaked artichoke and paprika, a feta cheese filled tomato, and salamis with freshly baked bread. 
Sorry for the bad quality of pictures.


And this is the pizza Jan ordered. The first picture of pizza with prosciutto, roquette leaves, and parmesan cheese was what I had.
MMmmmm soooo goood.
A friendly Italian guy runs this Italian restaurant and you can enjoy original Italian pizza and pasta here.
☞ Donna Maria


On 16th,
It gave a sudden shower in the afternoon and clouds was gone quickly, that made big rainbows right away. 
Take a close look….did you find 3 rainbows? (2nd photo should be easier to see) A large, faint one on top, the clear one below, and there's one more underneath. Did you find it? :D 
Triple rainbows!! 
As clouds went away so quickly and the rainbows disappeared as well, it made me feel super lucky that I could capture some photos of it! ☆


On 22nd
We drove to Idar Oberstein to Jan's sister, Anni. As we missed seeing her for her birthday last month (she was on trip), she invited us to come to celebrate the belated birthday. 
We arrived there about 1pm and went to have lunch with her at a German restaurant/ bar. 
We decided to have something small to keep some space in stomach for coffee time at her place and I ordered this Hawaiian toasts. As side dish, there were Sauerkraut, vinegar-olive oil soaked like red beet, and shredded carrot (I can't describe how they tasted or how they seasoned them). On 2 toasts, there were 2 pineapple, ham, cheese, and cherry on top. 
Not small at all lol
But it all tasted good. Who says it looks like boobs?

After that we drove back to her apartment. Jan and I built her satellite stands while she was preparing for coffee time. 
We were lucky enough even to have dinner in the evening. Anni cooked Chili con carne and I seasoned it. ;) It turned out so yummy though I could've made it better if I would've been in my kitchen haha 
She said that we could overnight at her place but we declined it as Jan had a flight the next day. 

全然軽くない(笑) おっぱいみたいとか思わないで。


On 23rd
We simply spend a relaxing Sunday on the sofa until he had to fly. 
When I put a hood on Jan, it makes him look like a Teru Teru-Bouzu (paper doll to which children pray for fine weather ) hahaha

Such tiny, small "normal" things of yesterday or today should be more thought as precious, beautiful things that you'll never get back tomorrow.
I might need to take more photos of it and keep it here before it's gone..





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