My first awesome experience 動き出した仕事

With Sarah, the secretary of the founder.

We had a big event last week, between 11th and 13th, in the company. Where I work is a foreign-affiliated company which is from Germany.
This time the founder, his secretary, a Swedish company officer came to Japan to hold a conference with our client leaders to discuss management policy of our Japanese head office and its future.
Everyone's become irritated…I'd say "nervous" rather than "irritated" since the last 2 weeks to prepare everything for these 3 days as it was a very important event which could determine our future. 
The founder even cancelled his Summer vacation to come meet in the conference. It was serious. 
It's because we're in need of more people to work, about holding the conference this time no one was allowed to be absent. One lack of us would've given crucial damage on running the operation. 
Luckily none of us got sick.

My role besides the preparation was an interpreter at dinner. I was alone and it was my first time.
I had no idea how interpreters translate what they listen and tell, tempo, techniques, like how not to forget what you hear in the beginning and to translate it all intelligibly, etc. Which is why I don't have memory of the first half of it. Sorry. 
Although we were talking in English in the beginning because we have a Bulgarian executive director at our office in Japan, we ended up talking in German later, which might have made him feel isolated because the Swedish guy speaks fluent German as well.
When I have to translate for my president only Japanese language is needed and we don't have problem with which language to use. 
For the topics that are easy to talk about I spoke German that I feel comfortable to use and with German people. 
However I speak/spoke English to share the information with everyone when it comes to business.

What is the best part was that I got new friend, Sarah, the secretary. 
While taking this photo, the founder said to us that we are "selfie" generation. 
"Yes we are!" continued taking selfies. 
Ohhh I didn't know my face's gotten this red from drinks.
We had more photos of us but they were taken with iPhone of our president. :(

Doing interpreter job makes me realize how poor my vocabulary is.
I have to study more and more.
I even feel like I was in another different world. Business field is enormous. 







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