I'm here in Tokyo! 帰国から現在

Thank you to those who kept on checking my blog for updates while I was completely away for the past 3 months. I returned to Japan to work. 
I have a long story of having to GIVE UP on University in Frankfurt and the return to Japan.

After completing a language school in December 2012, we were at the tutor in the University in Frankfurt in March 2013.
She told me that I will be able to enroll in the school with the translation (either in English or in German) of the graduation from the last school I finished because I have finished 13 year-education (12 years till high school + 1 year of collage). And I've done it right away.
It was because the due date for Winter semester was on 15th July, we'd had enough time to await their answer. 
Waiting for 1 month, 2 months, and finally the end of 3rd month, June 2013, I received a letter from the University. It said that they need not the graduation certificate of my collage, but of my high school. Plus its transcripts and completion unit certificate. 

We had only 2 weeks and a few days till the dead line. 
I begged (and hurried) my mom in Japan to get those certificates from my hight school in Niigata, a prefecture away from Tokyo, the North Japan.
This sort of documents must be translated by a translator who's certificated by the embassy.  We called one by one who's on the list of the authorized translators. We were in a hurry. 
The woman who accepted our request called Ms. Nobuko who's working full time as a Japanese-German translator. 
Of course she'd had much of work to do besides my documents to translate but that was so nice of her that she gave priority to my papers. 

All procedure had to be carried through Mail. 
From Niigata, where my high school is, to Tokyo, Tokyo to Germany. 
I was just wondering why they had to take the whole 3 months to let me know that the required papers were wrong.
After Ms. Nobuko had received my documents we started to contact each other as often as possible. 
On 12th July, Friday, she let us know that the documents are done and we drove to her place. 
We'd made sure everything was correct in her translation and they were ready to sent by express delivery and delivered by the next Monday, 15th July. 
We were relieved. Even though she was busy she hurried the work and even her husband, German, cooperated her to finish to make it by the due date. 
I really feel sorry about it. I had to hurry them. 

On the afternoon on 15th. July, I searched my certificates on DHL website for its current location and saw they were delivered on time at University. 
It finally made me believe I'm in.

A month and a half had passed since then, the end of August, I got their letter.  
Opening it with an expectation of the allowance of entrance. 
It was written that a transcript and a form of completed credit of subjects in collage are required.
Why, now, do they say they need these papers from my collage even though they didn't mention it when I had to get ones of my high school?
Why didn't they tell me this in June?

But still I was eager to join the school. I asked my mom again to get ones from my collage.
Each of both in Japanese and in English. 
They told me on the phone that at this point, I could no longer make it by Winter semester, which means the entrance would be not in September, but in next April (May?).
It's taking too long. 
I sent them as soon as these certificates arrived from Japan.

And on 30th, September, Monday, me being down, I got a letter. 
There was:
"You need to send us the certificate of your high school".  WHICH I HAD SENT IN JULY.
I got no words to say.
"Send us the certificate of National Center Test for University Admissions". that's new request.
I started to apply for the University in March 2013 and it was already October.
It was taking almost 1 year just to apply and wait for the school and obviously they don't know what they had received from me. 
Why do they require me to send them the high school certificate again? and now new order of paper? 
I was working on it in vain. 

The circumstances of University admission in Germany has been also getting different recently. 
They have stopped obligatory military service in July 2011 and now there are more people who want to go to University. This means it makes it difficult for for foreigners, like me, to join them.
I can simply see that they want more German kids (and others who have no difficulty in German language and grown up there).
Despite of advocates of equality what's actually happen to rejected-foreigners like me is just the opposite. 
Those who want to study and work in this country, will sure be benefit for this country but I just wonder why this happens. 
They trim their possibility by rejecting foreigners. 
I wanted to study more. 

I had decided to return home to save up because I didn't want to waste my time anymore and I was turning 25.
I could've worked in Germany but with my German language level isn't much enough to save up to how much we need. 
As we don't have kids yet, and I can work in Japan, I decided to take advantage of it.
And we can save up at the same time. Jan flies to Japan once a week and we get to see each other exactly the same as we did in Germany.

If you are a core reader of my blog, you already know that I worked hard to save school expenses for 3 years after my dad's disappearance and family collapse.  Where I finally stood on the start line after finishing  the language school and I didn't get to have a place in University. 
Somehow, the reality that I never make it to University both in the states (I've already finished all credit for a freshman grade: 3 years to study left) and in Germany after years of struggle, I thought I'm not an University person. 
Then I have work.

It seems simple but this is my reason to come back to Japan. 
Now I'm working in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Returning to Japan, job hunting, and work have kept me from updating my blog for 3 months. 
I'm sorry to those who have accessed my blog for updates. 
I will start again to make posts here as often as possible. 







現地の大学で学びたく、現地で働けば自分の国には利益になるのに、なんでこうなるんでしょうかね? もっとドイツ語の学習も含めて学びたい、現地の人間になりたいって人の芽を摘むことになります。






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