I'm sorry I haven't posted here lately. 2 Wednesdays ago I sprained my ankle and my left foot has been like this over last week. Unfortunately I haven't also taken outfit photos even before this happened, I have no photos to share with you. 
This second phone picture is taken last night (11th. May) while Jan was away in Japan for his flight. 
I still can't walk properly, thus I've been stuck home for days and days, alone home for the last whole weekend.. -_- Ok but I've got lots to study to kill time. 
If you are girls, make your ankles flexible before putting boots or heels on. It helps you avoid a damn sprain. 

そんな訳でここ何日も家に居るしかできず、週末はホームアローン(家に一人ぼっち)でっていう-_-; 勉強しなきゃいけないものが溜まってるのでいいんですけど。。こうもヒッキーだと集中力も散漫。普段から散漫なのに。
ちょうどすんごい機嫌悪くてね笑 歩いてたとき。ジョンも隣で歩いてたんだけど、私が全く口聞かなくてブスーっとしてて、丸石畳の道を歩き出したらブーツのヒールからゴリっと捻った。。。罰?...笑



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