Must-have Tomato sauce for any kinds of food 万能トマトソース

80ml to 100ml Olive oil (80~100ml オリーブオイル)
800g canned whole Tomato (800g ホールトマト缶)
1 large yellow Onion, cut into whatever form you like.  (大1個 玉ねぎ 適当にザクザクっと切る)
1 Red pepper, seeds removed (1本 鷹の爪, 種を取り除く) 
3 Garlic cloves (3片 ニンニク)
1 cube or 1 teaspoon Consommé (1個 固形コンソメ, 砕いておく)
Salt and pepper (塩・胡椒)

In a large pan, pour in LOTs of olive oil, I use 100ml of course, and dump in cut onion when the oil gets warm enough. At medium-low heat, keep stirring onion with a wooden spatula until nicely golden yellow, that's supposed to be almost like "fried". Picture is in the middle.
It takes time but you'll know how this works and how delicious it turns out when it's done. 

When onion gets fried and colored, throw in seed-removed red pepper and 3 garlic cloves. (Oh I grabbed 4..) Still at medium-low heat. Continue stirring until it's finally, officially golden, like the last picture. 

大きいフライパンにオリーブオイル、玉ねぎを入れ、中~弱火でじっくり炒める。私はもちろん100mlオリーブオイル使用(´∀`*) 写真中央のように、きれいに色づいて炒め揚がったら種を取り除いた鷹の爪とニンニクを加え、更に炒める。こんがりきつね色になるまで頑張って! 時間はかかるけど、これが美味しさを決める。

Dump in 800ml tomato, Consommé. Cook for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, salt and pepper to taste.


Remove or keep the red pepper. And then transfer the sauce into a food processor or blender. You're done when it's smooth. If you want to preserve it for a while, pour the sauce into a jar while it's very hot and it get's air tight. You can use it for pizza, to make spaghetti sauce, gratin, chicken, fish, sauce for omelet, and more. Enjoy!

ピザ、パスタソースのベース、肉・魚料理のソース、オムレツ、これからはグラタンに使っても◎ Enjoy!



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