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Where should I begin? Actually the last post was on 3rd July and the latest post I just made was after more than 2 months. There were so so so many things durning the past 2 months and I'd love to tell you each of them. Like I wrote in July, John and I went to the North Germany, I took hundreds of photos there and uploaded them all in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/megumi.nagumo). We were going to stay at his coworker's guest house but we even changed the place to go in the same North Germany. 
His friend didn't keep the room for us until only 1 day before we left and in the morning we were about to leave home, grabbing our suits cases, he messaged John "Sorry I couldn't find a room for you guys." We unpacked all stuff, bought something to eat, because we made our fridge empty for the 1 week stay, and made another plan for our Summer journey. We didn't want to only stay home just because it's got cancelled. In Bosau, where we decided to stay for 4 nights, we enjoyed many activities, food, sweets, sightseeing, and more! I couldn't expect that it'd be that fulfilled but honestly this stay must've been better than staying at his friend eventually. 

After coming back home from Bosau, I went to Japan to see my family and friends. Sigh*..needless to say, this past Summer couldn't have been better. I got to see my best friend I met when I was 3 years old for the first time in 12 years, spend amazing 2 days with my mom and sister at Atami beach and saw fantastic fireworks, saw my dad and enjoyed BBQ, went drinking with my collage friends and the teacher, had lunch with my old coworkers, had delicious mom's food, but still, I didn't have enough time at all to see my friends and spend more time with my family in 3 weeks. But every single day was like such a wonderful present, everyday was shining and flying super fast. I didn't know much until this time that I'd miss every. single. day so bad. I missed yesterday today and tomorrow I'd miss today more. 

In October, John and I were planning to fly to Canary Island for 1 week vacation, but we cancelled it and I'll fly again to Japan. I've had health problems until very recently and I told him that I would like to have the whole medical check in Japan. Clinics here are simply damn inconvenient. I mean they're not patient friendly at all, appointment is required all the time which means even when you need immediate check or to get diagnosed, you have to make an appointment that would be from a few days later to 2, 3 months later, and head to emergency Hospital where you'd wait for some hours. then how could you ever day "our European medication system is good"? 
When I got sick and needed to see a doctor, John called 3 to 5 different kinds of clinics and all of answer phones said "I'm on vacation." What is your fucking job? 
And the second problem is language and car. The language is actually no longer a big problem because I can speak German and understand quite good now. 
But I always need John to drive to each clinic or the emergency Hospital. When he has a flight and if I'm sick again, I have to keep the pain for the whole 4, 5 days at home. (How could I ever be pregnant here? I wouldn't be.) I couldn't take that anymore.
So..I thought it's better for me to go back to Japan. If I'm in Japan, I can go to the doctor whenever I need of course, and sure, no appointment system, and I understand everything I'd be told. Health problem and its stress could be way bigger concern then you (I) could ever think it'd be. 
When John was away for his flight last time, I had pains in my down belly, eyes, and nose and had to hold the pain the whole days, that was horrible . There was no other day , I got so worried about what's wrong with my health and at the same time, I decided to live back in Japan. I believe you could imagine that if you lived in other country and started to have health problems and couldn't have immediate diagnose, you'd definitely have fear and feel so uncomfortable to stay in the place. 
Now this is my concern. :-/ 

My language school is going to finish in the beginning of this coming December and I'll be freeee! I would really like to continue studying but I would also like to work like before. Until I had the health problems I thought I'd find ways (best wish is collage or University) to continue studying here, but now I started to think about working in Tokyo again. I wouldn't think of breaking up with John but I would like to complete my body and I could also save up for my (our) life. I'll let you know when I get to the conclusion and find the way to go. 
I've enjoyed cooking so far. I always love to eat and want to create yummy food I can share with you. I will keep posting what I cook and hope you stick with me here :) 
Thank you a lot if you've checked my blog even when I was away and you who're just reading this post right now. 
Feel free to leave a comment that means a lot to me!

xoxo Meg


  1. In Germany you go to a general practitioner at first. If he/she is not able to help (e.g. you need surgery) you would go to a hospital. Pregnant women go to a gynaecologist.


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