Yes I'm layered

GAP giraffe patterned muffler (bought last Winter)/GAP マフラー
TOPSHOP jacket/ トップショップ ライダースジェケット
ZARA sweater, boiled blouse, short denim, flats/ザラ セーター、ボイルブラウス、ショートデニム、フラッツ

I couldn't survive in this killing cold weather without layering clothes. What do you wear these days in cloudy days? Today I went to IKEA near home and found they've started to sell Christmas accessories and decoration items already! It's even before Halloween. But I got excited to see what Christmas here will be like :) I've never seen Western X'mas event in person yet so it'd definitely be wonderful moment and I wouldn't forget it as my first experience. 
After coming back home, we took a walk until dinner time and some photos outside. Rain was on and off all day and the wind was freezing. I miss the sun!

重ね着しなきゃ耐えられない寒さだった。最近の曇り続きで、みんな何着てる?今日は家の近くにあるIKEAに行ったらもう既にクリスマスデコレーションが陳列されてた!まだハロウィンも来てないのに。こういうのって見てるだけでワクワクしてくるよね。まだ私は欧米の本物のクリスマスを見たことないから、今年は忘れられない年になりそう。NEW YEARも楽しみだよね。



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