Sunny windy

ZARA sweater/ザラセーター
H&M skinny trousers/ H&M スキニーパンツ
LAURA boots/ラウラブーツ

Making this post while John's cooking at the kitchen :P It's been a little hard to stay in the sun and catch the warmth last few days. The first 3 days were pretty warm here (29 degrees at most!) but since 2 days ago clouds have stayed here and wouldn't go away. So we were a bit lucky at this time as we found this place near home. It was beautiful to look through the leaves embracing sunshine. 
Funny thing is the house wall and bush were matching my outfit, and it looks like I'm soaking into the wall? :D haha It actually was so windy and really cold! so I couldn't think about this funny match at all.
Stay warm everyone :) 

ジョンがキッチンで夕飯作ってる間に書いてるよ :P ここ数日は太陽もどこかに行ってしまって厚い雲が全然動こうとしないせいで冷えきって大変。ドイツについて3日間は晴れが続いて気温も29度まで上がったのに2日前からはずっと曇り。だからこの時はラッキーで日が射して一瞬あったかかったの。木漏れ日を見てるのが気持ちよかった :)
写真撮ってから気づいたのが、家の壁と低木が服とマッチしてたの笑 でもこの時は風が冷たく吹き付けててそんなこと考えられなかったけどね :) みんな、風邪引かないようにね :)



  1. Your Blog is so awesome :)
    Are you japanese? I am studying japanese but I can not very well.

    xoxo Blair

  2. Hi Blair! Thanks so much for checking my blog :) Yes I am Japanese. It's cool you're studying it! Ask me anything about it if you need ;)

    xoxo Meg

  3. lovely photos!


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