ZARA shirt, flats, casual shoulder bag/ ザラ チェックシャツ、フラットシューズ、ショルダーバッグ
Bershka skinny jeans/ ベルシュカ スキニージーンズ

This past Wednesday spent at Frankfurt. It's been a year since I came here last Summer for trip. It is still unbelievable I'm not on a trip this time; I live here!  But I'm still feeling like a tourist and every thing is all new and fresh to me. So, as you guess, I took hundreds of pictures within today :D Here I put SOME of them. There are still a lot more photos in my camera and pc to be uploaded here but I should keep them for next posts. I hope you enjoy it :)

二日前の水曜日、一年ぶりにフランクフルトに遊びに来た。今回は旅行じゃないっていうのが未だに信じられなくて、もうここに住んでるなんて感覚が全くないんだよね。だからこの日も完全に観光客状態で何百枚も写真撮っちゃった :D その"一部"だけ載せるよ。まだカメラとパソコンの中に無数にあるんだけどそれはまた先にとっておこうかな :) 楽しんでね :)

We had nice breakfast at Cafe Bee at Russelsheim. I had cereal, some fruits, and  a bread with freshly squeezed orange juice :)
朝食はルセルスハイム(ラウンハイムの隣町)にあるカフェで食べた。私はシリアル、フルーツ、パンと生絞りのオレンジジュース :)

ZARA HOME. We don't have it in Japan! I don't understand why we don't have this amazing shop in Tokyo. All of us would absolutely love it!


Wanna come? :) I'll then show you around ;) Have a great evening!

来たくなった? :) 案内するからね ;) ステキな夜を過ごしてね!



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