Visiting Akko's Home

Last Saturday spent at Akko's house after my photo shooting. There are some of photos I took in her apartment whose interior views can be post cards or some pages of room design magazine.
As you see them, I edited photos to match its atmosphere of this post :) And I tried to persuade her to take photos with me but she's too camera shy :P haha So here's only me. sorry guys! She has very short hair, small and skinny (love work outs like me :D), London fashion style (e.x: gingham red check shirt, khaki pants, brown leather boots, cashmere muffler, and Calfskin Cross-Body Bag or Leather Messenger by Ralph Lauren etc). When I get the chance to take photos of her, I'll for sure upload it here :) Isn't it so pretty room? It's out of Japanese style which is my favorite!

She told me she used to be a hat mania :D and showed me a few of her hat collection and they're for summer. I put them on. Which one suits me? :)

She made this kiwi paste for french bread for snack before dinner. It is very healthy, delicious, good for skin (lots of Vitamin C and anti-aging effect: Great for ladies!), and sour taste for fresh way to have breads.
I love it. I will make the recipe post very soon! Super easy!

We bought the red wine made in France before we got to her room, which was great. Do you know that bottle? the smell that comes out once the cork opened is amazing :)

Love her pretty room. It's actually quite small but so comfortable to stay in :)
Tomorrow I'll attend the information meeting for modelling (Saturday, 18:00). I'll tell you how it goes when it's finished. Have a great weekend <3



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