GUCCI S/S 2011 Inspired look

I wanted to do something fun for new makeup tutorial for the first time in months and I came up with one inspired by high fashion brand, GUCCI. Ordinary makeup is fun but what could be more? What about crushing colors even for makeup..? First color block inspiration showed up in my head was GUCCI because the bold color combination was sort of shocking to me when I started to look for trend of Spring/Summer 2011 in the beginning of this year. What do you think about this? 
My motto (or things I try to keep in my mind always) for makeup is easy, simple, and catchy. I'm not a makeup artist (obviously!) and am not professional at all. So I always try to create one which is easy for me to remember and teach people that get interested in my work.
If you're interested in how I did this, please keep reading it :)

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After eyeshadow base, apply light gold based eyeshadow all over the lids, and then take shiny orange of BYS Party Til Sunrise pallet and spread it out from the inner corner to the middle of your crease. To intensify orange, add Champagne color by NYX right on the wrinkle. It makes it look deeper look.

Take shiny violet on the pencil brush to place the end of your eye crease. Twirl the brush until colors well and bring it out to the middle while blending it out at the same time.

Keep adding the purple until you can see the color difference/strength between underneath the brow bone and above the crease gently pressing the brush onto your skin back and forth.

Take this kind of fluffy wide brush to blend the color out. If you want to make it more dark purple, I'd take Bourjois color# 21.

Take the pencil brush again to apply the violet and orange from BYS Party Til Sunrise pallet underneath the lower lash line. Both should be applied with 1:1 amount on the skin like above.

Take Maybelline NY smooth liner by eyestudio. Place it all over the lid and wing it up to make a cat eyes. 

     Also line shiny olive right under the water line. 

Grab any kind of DEEP green eyeshadow to strengthen the eyeliner. I took Bourjois #28. See it gets more glamorous :))

Make sure to apply this eyeshadow exactly the same line you made on your lids.
 Do the same here too using the angle brush and smudging it out on the purple and orange :)
(sorry it's hard to those colors here)

Use a liquid eyeliner in pure black. I used Fasio water proof liquid e/l (Japanese brand). Start lining from the inner corner to the end of your eyes. Keep it as THIN as possible.

Add mascara. I thought I'd use fake lashes but it seemed like it'd bother colors that came out well. So you don't need to prepare for it on this makeup :) (I use lashes often actually.)

Light colored eyebrows would be preferred to highlight eye makeup. 

I made my eyebrows bronze gold and take the angle brush to add dark bronze shadows on it.

You're done!!!
Did you like it? I am going to create this kind of makeup inspired by fashion brands, models of fashion weeks,
celebrities (like before) and more. If you have any requests for my makeup, please email me anytime! 



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