Spent at Mar de Napoli

Wednesday and Thursday spent at Narita went so nice and relaxing again with John. If you read my blog often, you know Marroad hotel is our second home when he comes over :) I'm so lucky to have him who lives 9047.98 km (Germany. =5622.15 miles) away from Japan and can meet up every week. We always stay at the same design room (just the arrangement of furniture is opposite depends on which side windows fixed) but each memory is never the same. 
This time we met up at the arrival gate and waited for the shuttle bus to the hotel chatting for a while. (picture below.) I was going to see him earlier but my mom caught a terrible cold since the day before so I had to run to the pharmacy to get effective medicine and to the grocery store for her lunch and dinner. We were planning to shoot outfit photos like last time, but I had no time not only to grab extra clothes for it but to choose ones for this day. So, I'm sorry this isn't an outfit post. but I still wanted to share some pictures taken during the stay there with you. 

 They're away for 10 weeks due to William's work.(above)
Right after his flight in uniform (below)

 For dinner on Thursday evening, we decided to go to my favorite pizzeria MAR DE NAPOLI in Toyko. I always love their delicious pizza which is certainly ALWAYS yummy for 100%. John agreed with me that even Italian people would like here. The staff gave us the window side table in which has a nice view from bushes. On the day time, sunshine comes in from leaves and it glimmers on your table :)


We had so much fun time again anyways. Hope you'll have a great weekend!


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