Before They're Gone-Very Last Wish and Hope


Seriously, I've been really really really looking for these simply perfect shoes by ZARA ever since S/S has started and again, triangular messenger bag with flap (I'm almost giving up finding this bag because John even helped me look for it by going all the way to Frankfurt and found out they don't have it (Even in FRANKFURT!!) :(( .
Every time I find ZARA, I start looking throughout all the floors, corners, under the shelf and tables covered with a bunch of cloth..but I never found it yet. ... :'(
I don't need clothes..just want these shoes in size 39. Why am I so insanely wanting it? Just because they're good design for work and for outfit photo shooting. I could wear them with many combinations of my outfit and they seem to be comfortable to walk in. Including the triangular messenger bag with flap, I just and really wonder why they don't have those fashionable items here.. They have no idea if there's such a fashion addict girl that's been looking for stuff that they just missed importing to JAPAN or assumed these might not be popular with Japanese .
If I was one of famous bloggers, someone would send me whatever I want as a present, right? While I'm still an unknown blogger (Actually I've been a blogger over 3 years), I have to satisfy with what I have which is so limited. ..hmph sorry I was a bit ironic. I'm just jealous 'cause there are many girls wearing the amazing shoes that I've been desperately searching for at every single zara shop. anyhow
Please ...I'm begging you. please let me know if you ever find or know how to purchase either asymmetric court shoe or the bag with flap.

THE shoes they're wearing are exactly what I've been wanting really bad!!!!
This photo is by "My Daily Style"

Andy from Style Scrapbook


Thank you,


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