See you again in winter

Hi beauties, I'm alive. I was stuck in bed for being sick last 2 days and my coworkers might've gotten in troubles because of my absence I suppose. I'm sorry and please don't worry about me anymore I will definitely come back to the office on next Monday! Yesterday, I actually got 3 or 4 calls from my office because she (tried to do my work for me) didn't much know about how to process and finish all the stuff at my desk. It was totally fine since I told her on the phone that if there's something she wouldn't know about my job, just call me up and I'd stay home all day but she gave me rings from time to time and it kept me kind of nervous wondering when is the next call haha Anyhow, it was my fault. I have to stay healthy at least when I have much things to get done :D
Okay today, I changed almost all winter cloth into spring/summer ones and found 2 knits that I haven't shared with you yet. So I thought I'd wear them with those new short denims from ZARA. The pretty think and heavy knit worn with the pink denim is by Ralph Lauren and the other with hood is by ZARA. Oh, I just noticed that the outfit in the right side of picture is all by ZARA haha. What do you think about today's outfit? :) Please click "SEE MORE" for more pictures.


1st Look: 
Knitted pink hat: UNIQLO
Navy Knit: Ralph Lauren
Pink short denim: ZARA
Suede boots: vintage
Bangle: vintage

2nd Look:
Hoodie Knit: ZARA
Damaged short denim: ZARA
Cow leather flat boots: ZARA



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