Cold nights Feel Warm

Going back to the hotel by Narita airport has been a part of our life. Every time John comes to Tokyo from Germany, he comes all the way to the station near my company and wait for me at night.
As soon as I get off work, I rush there to hug him. Finding him in the crowd is a good feeling because it guarantees such a fun and wonderful moment for sure.
Fir winter coat by ESPRIT: Christmas present from him.

 At KrispyKream Doughnut.

 Head for Narita!
Marroad International Hotel's been our second home. We've made uncountable memories since I started to stay there in June 2010.

Playing Super Mario on gameboy while he's taking a shower after his flight, Watching CNN TV, Listening to Richard Quest in London,...he's such an entertaining guy on TV! :D

In the room Having lots of chocolate that he gets me from many places and so many surprise presents for me. And laughing a lot and talking forever.
I've been feeling I'm very fortunate and loved to have such a great person as my boyfriend.
I do believe we BOTH are good for each other thus we are this way. But I have to admit that I wouldn't have been like how I am right now if he didn't show up last year. The way he is has really changed me in positive way and actually I am feeling how much better I've got changed.

Today, he's coming to Japan from Paris and tomorrow we're going to spend this whole weekend together after my work is done.
I will definitely make posts of this weekend with him..



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