Get Trendy with Capri Pants

To be fashionable with Capri pants is basically not easy. Mischoosing items with Capri pants can get dowdy and unsophisticated.
I met a photo from Be Mod.Com "Trend Spotting: Cropped Pants Spring 2011" and want to share what I think what's important to be fashionable and eye-catchy look with Capri pants.

This is from Be Mod.Com 
Make sure to match the taste with the whole look of all your cloths you're wearing with the pants. Coordinate tops and inner cloth considering the shape, design, length, taste of the pants before choosing shoes. a blazer jacket, cardigans, stoles, and a gilet help you finish tops and get more sophisticated look.

When you add globes for items, shoes that have the same color will be wanted.

It can be said selecting shoes determines the whole balance. Even if you chose perfect cloth for today's date, it'd be sad if shoes didn't suit. Your feet complete a sense of your fashion.

Nude colored shoes can be both elegant and casual and not be dowdy ever.

If clothes are casual, shoes go casual. If clothes are classic, shoes go elegant. Balance and finish the look with shoes.
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