The Day I Moved to Düsseldorf!!

It's still feeling like today was just a dream in a random night. But I'm awake. Then this means today wasn't a dream. Such a big big day. A big change in my life. 
I can't still believe the morning I woke up early to finish up packing and the night I lay down on a bed in a house that I never knew before happened in the same day. The morning feels like a few days ago. And I have to say that all this big move would've been way far from successful without Jan's support. 
I moved to new place in Germany. Meerbusch. 

We left the house at 9:30am, finished loading stuff in the car, and drove out the city before 10am. 
The traffic was better than last Thursday, though they always have a little traffic congestion before Köln.
We arrived the house at 12:20pm. The owner's wife welcomed us and let us unload boxes from the car first. It didn't take longer than 10 minutes until the car got empty again. 
Then she took us to the living room and explained everything (address registration, the location of the immigration bureau, stations and a bicycle shop she recommends) to us. 
I signed up the papers that I can bring to the city office for my registration. 
Everything was talked about. Good start. 

Around 13:30, we went up the stairs and started to work on unpacking. It literally took almost 2 hours. How exhausting…
Jan took care of the kitchen and the bed (set the mattress, laid the bed cover, pillow, and down comforter) and I did my room (the closet, the desk, all shelves, and cleanup wherever I can reach with disinfection wipes). 

After all unpacking we decided to go outside to see places and for shopping. I needed to buy a bicycle and some groceries.
Compared to the houses in Hesse state where I lived, most houses over here are made with bricks and it makes the streets look darker while the former houses are painted in white with orange color roof. 

We found out that they have literally everything: a city office, two post offices, 4 pharmacies (as far as I counted), 3 grocery stores, 3 banks, 2 stations, besides schools and clinics within walking distance. Very convenient. 

Following the google map, there was a bicycle shop that was talked about earlier and we went in. 
There was it. A second handed bicycle with new saddle and tires for 150 Euro. Not bad at all. 
Then I bought a bulky bike lock I could afford to get. 

On the way home we stopped by a grocery store near the railway and bought some food. 
My fridge is filled with grocery. Good view (haha). 
It's gotten nice and dark. It's getting time to get hungry.
These pictures below are when we were walking back home pushing my bike.

Dropped bags and got ready to drive to a restaurant where we had dinner last week. 
We got the same table as last time as well. 
In the nicely lit room in the evening, lightly crowded with people, I couldn't help looking back this super busy and yet so productive and fulfilled day. 
I thanked Jan million times and it's still never enough. 

Good food and talk always come together. 
What a day. 
I'm a happy woman. Everything's gone well so far. And again, thank you Jan for all your support. 

He drove and saw me off in front of the house. I waved him goodbye. 


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