Sunday chill

Woke up with uncomfortable dreams. Once I realized that I'm awake and it was a dream I tried to figure out how I slept in the bed. 
They say that you have nightmares when your heart is under pressure, for example, your hand was on your chest, you were sleeping on left shoulder and your chest was closing..and so on. I don't know if this is proved but as for me this theory is correct.
I didn't want to go back to bed where I had the nightmare so I decided to get up and have breakfast.

I made those (burnt) pancakes a few mornings ago and kept them in the freezer.
It has about 10g protein each. I usually have them when I go to the gym in a couple of hours.
Made a cup of coffee, had a glass of juice, I'm good to go. 

Later, I have to come by Jan's parents. They're back from their 2 week-vacation in Canada. 
Every time I come back home from them my cheek gets sore from smiling the whole time. 

Get to their door, pinch my cheek, and press the bell. Smile.
You gotta look pretty and be kind, honey. I always tell myself. 



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