New Year's Eve in Germany- Silvester ドイツの年越し2013

31st December 2013, we enjoyed the last day of the year. It was perfectly sunny and comfortably warm .
After walking outside for a little while, we went to a grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner and a birthday cake for Jan who's celebrated on 1st, January before it's closed in the afternoon.
Cheese fondue is traditional food on 31st December in Germany (some other European countries too).
I'd never made it by myself before but it wasn't hard to make.



As you see below, you can buy cheese fondue mix that you only need to heat up to eat.
But since we had an opened-large while wine bottle still in the fridge, I decided to make it by myself.


Looks huge but there were all vegetables except shrimp and bread (1 breakfast roll). 
It wasn't tough for us to finish the plate. lol 
I bed you can do that too. ;)




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