Spicy Champignon garlic butter sauté マッシュルームのバターにんにく唐辛子炒め

Thursday evening. In Germany, at 8:45pm..can you guess what I'm doing right now?
Watching Europe Football Champion 2012!!
No, I'm not football freak and not ever using a horn thing at my balcony for each goal like John does..but I can't believe myself yet that I've started to watch it for each game.
If you're not interested in football at all like I was just until very recently and you ever come to Europe, you couldn't really help getting involved in watching Champions League.
You'll see how insanely crazy people get, how the whole country heats up, and all broadcasts keep you updated each second for football news and playing hot music.
How could I resist it? The whole town has been so excited.

Here are my mushrooms. Buttery sautéed, spiced up with garlic and red hot peppers. There's no other side dishes than this. Seriously super easy to make and you can't stop bring it to your mouth. I used 300g (1+1/2 cup) for 2 portion but I thought we'd need twice more of it. You could slice them up, please it on baguette, toast with cheese on. Oh that's going to be perfect snack for football watching.

1+1/2 cup/ 300g Champignon (マッシュルーム300g)
1 Tablespoon Butter (バター 大さじ1)
2 coloves Garlic, minced (にんにく 2つ, みじん切り)
1 small Red pepper, remove seeds (小さい鷹の爪 1個, 種を除く)
1 Tablespoon White wine OR 1/4 cup/ 50ml Chicken broth (白ワイン 大さじ1又は50mlの水に小さじ1の鶏ガラスープを溶いたもの)
Salt & freshly ground pepper (塩・黒胡椒 少々)
1/3 teaspoon Parserey (パセリ 小さじ1/3)
1 Tablespoon Powdered cheese (I used Parmesan) (粉チーズ 大さじ1)


Grab your favorite mushrooms. If you love mushrooms, you'd want another 1/2 cup/ 100g. I wanted.

I used Chicken broth powder (dark beige one) dissolved in 1/4 cup/ 50ml water. About red pepper, make sure to remove all seeds and the core. It. burns. your. mouth.
My red pepper was about 5cm and I made it half.


1: In a pan, heat butter and minced garlic. When it starts to smell good, add in red pepper, parsley, powdered cheese, white wine or dissolved chicken broth. Mix well.


2 Dump mushrooms. Stir until cooked through, softened, and golden brown. Salt and pepper if needed. That's it!




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