Just happy having the same item which the famous fashionista has

Bryanboy just tweeted and I found he was wearing ZARA TRF knit today which is exactly the same I have. It just feels happier to have it once you know one of famous fashionistas has the same one as yours, doesn't it? And as for me, it even makes me a bit more confident about my fashion taste which turned out to be in common as his. How would you wear it? 

BryanboyがTwitterでブログの更新をつぶやいてリンク見てみたら、私が持ってるのと同じZARA TRFのニット着てた。ファッショニスタが自分と同じ服持ってるって知ると何かちょっと嬉しくない?アイテムが一緒ってわかった瞬間、テイストの共通点が生まれてちょっとだけ自信がついたりもする。みんなはどう着る?



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