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Now I can officially show you the photos taken by Peter Skvarenia with this so called "crazy" makeup by Katharina. I know I know, this really is crazy and too fresh/new to me but I quite like it. On the left side of my eyebrow, she put stones and on the right side there's the red feather. And to match with the feather, she put that real red rouge by MAC on my lips. What would you say? 
While he was taking photos, I was feeling something magical and the moment was so enchanted all the time in many sets of the bright lights. Maybe it's simply because that was my first official photoshoot by a photographer and the circumstance was only for me. It was just so cool!
We will work together soon again. I'm already excited for it :) 

これが20日にフランクフルトでやったピーターカタリーナとコラボしたオフィシャルフォト。本当にクレイジーでしょ?ちょっと新鮮すぎるような感じもするけど、でも気に入ってる :) 左の眉毛に沿ってストーンを乗せて、右側は羽、その色に合わせて真っ赤なリップにしたの。えーそれ塗るんですか!って感じでちょいビビリだったけど実際試すとそんなに悪くなかったりするね笑

Another shot. 別ショット

Play with colors for retro look :D



  1. cool, love it :) modeling girl!! angel

  2. Thanks Louis! I want to do this kind of photoshoot more :) Need more training hehe

  3. well everyones gotta start! we can photos sometime, I need to practice more as well.


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