ZARA T shirt, TRF check shirt, short denim/ザラ Tシャツ、TRFチェックシャツ、ショートデニム
Buffalo boots/バッファロー ブーツ
MANGO bowling handbag/マンゴー ボーリングハンドバッグ
UNIQLO blazer/ユニクロブレザー

Sunday evening filled with sunshine, I walked up to the bridge near home for photo shooting. This IZARA T shirt from ebay last week and I was waiting until I can finally wear it. Thought I'd better wait until Summer but it's still too long to go, so it ended up showing up now. At Frankfurt, 2 weeks ago, I saw ZARA staff wearing black "IZARA" T shirt, which made me want really bad! The staff told me it's not sold at any shop due to it's only for ZARA staff. Then we started to look for it on ebay and the first one we found was this t shirt. Isn't it cute? I might wear them (now I got the black one ;) ) sometime from now on. Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

日曜日の夕方はどこも日差しに溢れててほんとに気持ちよかった。家の近くの橋まで歩いて行って写真撮ったよ。このIZARA Tシャツは先週ebayで買って着るのが待ち遠しかったやつ。来年の夏まで待とうと思ったんだけど待てなくて今回着ちゃったんだよね。2週間前にフランクフルト行った時、ザラの店員さんたちが黒のこのTシャツを着てて、探してみたんだけど店員限定らしく断念。。帰宅後ソッコーebayで検索したらあったから落札までこぎ着けたの。これからちょこちょこ着ると思う ;) Happy Monday!



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