Keep me warm

On 17th, Monday, having not specific plans, I went to IKEA again to get some kitchen items. I got this sweater and long sleeves at Pimkie in Frankfurt 2 weeks ago, I thought I'd wear them with brown boots but I changed my mind for these gray boots by ZARA after all. Now it looks more dressy because of it :) The texture might look think and cold but is actually finely knitted and keeps me warm. How would you wear this? 

17日の月曜日、またIKEAに行って調理器具を買って来た。毎日料理作ってると必要なものがどんどん見えてくるね。今までジョンが一人で住んでた時は本格的な料理はしなかったから(お菓子作りももちろん)必要最低限のものしかなくて不便不便笑 今はもっと食器が欲しいの。どんぶり型のお皿がないからラーメン食べらんないじゃん!て騒いでるところ笑



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