Bright in the dark

ZARA men's stole, men's sweater, TRF skinny jeans, platform heels/ザラ メンズストール、メンズセーター、TRFスキニージーンズ、プラットフォームヒール
UNIQLO blazer/ユニクロ ブレザー

19th, this past Wednesday, I came to Ruesslesheim to proceed my insurance which was 3rd visit. I think, probably, should positively say, I'm finally insured here and they'll send me the Euro card soon. Now I'm officially registered in Germany, having my address here, and insured :) The last thing to process is my school which starts next month. It's still feeling strange I LIVE in Europe and I come to Japan as a trip on vacation. It might take a little while until I begin to feel I'm one of people here. 
I got this MANGO bag and ZARA skinny jeans at Wiesbaden last Tuesday and it turned out a good timing to match with this blazer for official procedure. 
Did you know I'm a big fan of turquoise accessories? I found this necklace at Shibuya, Tokyo, last month since I couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful deep blue. It was fancy price but I know this stone's worth it. After processing my insurance, I grabbed some snack: Mozzarella cheese & Tomato sandwich and Cherry crunch cake with espresso. Mmm!




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