Sunday Look 5/1: Enamel Red in Casual

Twill blazer: ZARA
Long sleeve shirt: ZARA
Bandolera Charol bag: ZARA
Belt& Ripped jeans: UNIQLO
Bracelts: TOPSHOP
Zigzag Knuckle ring: Forever21

Right after coming back from Narita Airport yesterday, I went to Mister Minute to get my heels repaired. The tip of the heel (the left shoe) was completely worn out and had the steel part bare. Every time I walked, the steel scratched the ground and made noise x( Well I should've gotten it repaired last Thursday before I got to see John after my work, I didn't want to spare even a few minutes for it at that time. Actually I wasn't going to do photo shooting that day but my mom willingly offered taking photos. She's so cool hehe
It was super super windy out!! It was pretty hard for me to look at the camera because my hair, blazer, and the bag kept being blown so hard and tiny sand came into my eyes, which made me cry haha
You might be able to see how strong the wind was and I was trying to resist it :P It's even stronger today and cloudy. Hope the sky doesn't start let it rain later.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


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