Being Absent Again for Disconnection at Home!

Some of my coworkers have said to me that my blog's not been updated these days..Yes I know!! I'd been really wanting to post but..I've got disconnected again... :S The Internet kept me from using since 2 weeks. Many pictures have been piled up in my digital camera and they're are getting forgotten with what is supposed to be written with.
But now see I'm posting finally! Yayyy! Since I found out the way to post on my blog from PC in my office (I wonder if I'm found from my BOSS lol) last a few hours of work last Friday, I was so waiting for today to update my blog!! xD lol wow...didn't notice I love blogging here this much!

Unfortunately I don't have my digital camera right now at work, I'll just put photo stickers with my brother who is 20 yrs old and my sister who is 16.
I'm thinking of bringing USB that has photos taken by the camera in to work and do blog...Would it work?
Enjoy! Click for bigger size.

I'll try to post as many as I can at work until I have the Internet at home again!
Hope you're having a great day!


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